Leelosch GmbH is the ultimate holding company for its subsidiary Leelosch Trading Co. Ltd. Its brands are currently encompassing healthy food, fashion and art market sectors.

The Group is managed with the objective of gradually increasing its clients profits by being able to instantly respond to the continuous development of each market field within it’s reach. This ability only proves the ambition to achieve real competitive advantages for the Group’s clients, generating sustainable economic success.

One of the most important assets of the Group are its brands, generated and maintained in its industry, designed as the essential mechanism for increasing awareness and importance of the business by developing creative products and appropriate marketing programmes. Products of already existing brands are sold through a network owned by the Group, through franchise operations or online platforms owned by third parties. The independence of each brand within the Group is an essence of Leelosch’s overall growth strategy.

Leelosch’s businesses operate globally. Details of sales by the geographic region are given on the Organization page. The Group believes the diversity of its geographical operations, with an absence of dependency on any particular market, represents a long-term competitive advantage.