Made in Germany

The Leelosch GmbH is an internationally operating trade enterprise. The founding took its place in Bayern, Germany, where the main office in charge of the Company’s major competencies (such as Market Intelligence, Human Resources or Legal and Finance etc.) is located.

Here, innovation and tradition are successfully combined: the Company operates all over the World through various distribution channels,trading platforms and several marketplaces.

How we work

  • A dynamic economy

    Significant spending power, an innovative climate, its location at the heart of a dense transport network right in the center of Europe and highly skilled workers – these are some of the benefits of Germany as a business location.

  • Stable political & economic environment; legislation

    Inventions, company logos and concepts: intellectual property is protected. Copyright, patent law and trademark law are designed to safeguard the most valuable assets

  • Economic policy

    Focuses on protecting excellent ideas: E.g. the Competition law ensures that the competitors cannot make false claims about products of any other company in order to attract customers for themselves Germany not only safeguards the freedom of competition, but also the freedom of its citizens. The basis for this is the free democratic basic order: the people elect their representatives, and the separation of powers prevents its abuse.

    All of this is why the German economy is so stable: between 2007 and 2011, the number of middle class employees increased by about 2.5 million – despite the economic crisis.

  • Cultural background helps to attract international customers

    Leelosch is not just an expert in its field. As opposed to others, the Group is also very much familiar with the culture of other countries, which helps it to attract international customers. Knowledge of language and culture is the key to international business partnerships.

    Leelosch Group has been in contact with some companies, of which more than 20 percent are already active in international markets, using them to support the Group’s own business.

  • Professional support and funding

    Leelosch business idea serves as the most important basis for the company.

    Numerous information centers have been sourced in order to offer comprehensive advice on starting up the business. German states help to find suitable networks and assist in questions related to funding and others.

    The Group also obtains valuable advice from other international entrepreneurs.

  • A part of a diverse society

    Germany is a country offering a high quality of life and a stable democracy. The culture, the diversity of its people, and its friendliness make it attractive, too.More than 7.6 million people from 190 countries call Germany their home.

    Family plays an important role, too: More than eight million families live in Germany. As a company, we take their interests very seriously. That way, parents have many ways of reconciling work and family life.