Our Brands

Brands function as international businesses and are led by an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for tradition.

The Group draws strength from a rich diversity and unique aesthetic sensibility, all coupled to the latest in sustainable and ethical luxury.

Leeloscht has corporate support services and regional shared service platforms. These services provide support to its brands in order to enable them to focus on their strengths in design, creation, sales and marketing.

Our Competences

  • Made in Germany

    The outstanding reputation of German / European groceries is based on the highest quality requirements and a distinctive feeling for the sustainable building of a brand

  • Made in Germany

    Terra Terresa offers a far-reaching range of products of selected quality and a very good price-performance ratio.

  • Terra - Potential

    Great demands, considering quality, price potential and a high degree of acceptance by world-wide customers, are being placed on the suppliers.

    More information on Terra-Teressa.com.

Lothar Breau is a brand found and held ultimately by Leelosch GmbH, designed for worldwide beverage distribution.

Nurturing long-term partnerships and signing long-term contracts with its suppliers, sourcing malt from Bavarian malting plants and hops from the nearby Hallertau hop-growing area, being provided the packaging by regional suppliers as well, is being a part of the regional economy. Sourcing malt, Lothar Breau works with both maltsters and farmers in order to guarantee the highest quality and ensures that the malt continues to come from regional suppliers long into the future, helping customers achieve success in the marketplace.

For more information get a look at our Lothar-Bräu Webpage.